Sacred Well of Santa Cristina

In the territory of the village of Paulilatino stands the most representative, best preserved, evocative, as well as mysterious nuragic well temple in central-western Sardinia: the sanctuary of Santa Cristina (12th-8th century BC), the most perfect and fascinating sacred nuragic architecture, dedicated to the cult of water. Around the Sacred Well, immersed in a park of centuries-old olive trees, there are a nuraghe and a village of huts inhabited from the Nuragic age to the Middle Ages. Tombs of the giants and domus de janas merge with the church dedicated to Santa Cristina, dating back to the 11th century, and the ‘muristenes’, small lodgings for the faithful, which still host religious festivals today, creating an atmosphere of truly special sacredness.


Near the sacred well there are remains of various constructions attributable to the Nuragic civilization. Particularly noteworthy are those of a large circular hut with a diameter of about 10 meters originally covered (which today has a height of about 1.70 m) by a pavement consisting of pebbles, inside which there is a seat (high about 30 cm and 50 cm deep) which runs along the entire wall and which probably served to bring together a part of the community. A short distance from the circular hut there is an enclosure probably used to guard the animals offered to the temple or even destined for sacrifices.


It is located in Paulilatino, 8 km from our structure. You can visit it from Monday to Sunday: from 8.30 a.m. to one hour before sunset.


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