Historical Village

Not far from our hotel, the center of Norbello and the small center of Domusnovas Canales are worth a visit. Since 2016, recognized as an authentic village, it preserves houses and shops in dark basalt stone with balconies decorated with geraniums and small Romanesque churches that tell the story of the Giudicato of Arborea. Not to be missed is the Museum of the Image and Interactive Design (Midi), which tells the birth and history of comics with the exhibition of nearly 5,000 comic strips, the permanent exhibition of the Carabinieri and the permanent exhibition of Nuraghe models.


Around the evocative Lake Omodeo, a few kilometers from our structure, it is possible to visit the rural “Novenari”. The “Novenari” are small villages immersed in the silence and peace and consist of a few small houses gathered around a small church. They have historical and cultural importance and, in a few weeks of the year, they host pilgrims and faithful to participate in religious rites, traditional dances and songs until dawn. San Serafino, San Michele, San Giovanni, Trempu, San Quirico, Sant’Ignazio and Sant’Agostino are all places that are worth a visit.

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