Activities in the Surroundings

Outdoor Sports

There are magical places to explore: on foot, by canoe, by kayak, by boat, by sailing boat, by mountain bike and by motorbike, and it is possible to practice sport fishing.

What We Can See

Suggestive Places

Dum of Santa Chiara

Majestic Architectures

The Dum of Santa Chiara is a work of ingenious architectural beauty with multiple arches.

Antonio Gramsci

Museum House

Letters, photographs, memorabilia and notebooks of Gramsci’s private and public life.

Nuraghe Losa

Nuragic Culture

Megalithic architectural mastery left by the Nuragic Civilization of the Middle Bronze Age.

Well of S. Cristina

Sacred Constructions

Nuragic well temple of central-western Sardinia of the XII-VIII century BC

Since 2016 recognized as an authentic village, it preserves houses and shops in dark basalt stone.

Woods made of oaks and oaks, and an evocative panorama overlooking Lake Omodeo.

Popular Attractions

Folklore, Feast and Festivals


Folkloric songs and dances of the island tradition, carried out by young boys.


The Sardinian joust, still done as in the past with the race of horses and riders.


Tasting of typical products such as wine, cheeses and products from the Sardinian land.

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Where We Are
Junction SS131
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