Bar ZaCafè


It is very spacious and bright inside, with tables and livable outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Terrace

Outside we have a large and spacious structure, a green corner where you can relax.


You can enjoy our special Cocktails, coffee and drinks of Sardinian and international inspiration.

The really spacious structure can accommodate groups of motorcyclists, groups of associations and groups, with its special menus, cafeteria and cocktail bar. It also organizes events and private parties and Ludiche on request.

What does it offer?

  • Buffet
  • Television
  • fREE WI-FI
  • Free parking
  • Private Terrace
  • Private Lunches and Dinners
  • Menu of the Day
  • FISE Menu
  • Customized Menus
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Where We Are
Junction SS131
Abbasanta to SP15
Need Help
For more informations call:
+39 3770994955  +39 078554584
Where We Are
Junction SS131
Abbasanta to SP15
Contact Us
Send an e-mail:


Call Us
For more informations call:
+39 3770994955
+39 078554584

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